What is RESTORE RECOVERY ™ to assess and treat Internet addition?

The Internet Addiction Toolkit is designed for counselors and therapists from a variety of backgrounds. It is a comprehensive training program with key features such as assessment tools, handouts, research articles, and worksheets that you can integrate into your counseling practice. I developed the program because I received questions from so many health and mental practitioners asking how they can build an Internet addiction program in their own practice or agency. It is understandable that Internet addiction is such a new condition that standard credentials and training certification are not available.

The worry in the field is that counselors were handing shingles saying that they were trained in Internet addiction recovery techniques but really did not have any evidenced-based training with this client population. Internet addiction is unique compared to recovery from substance abuse and dependence.

Restore Recovery is the only therapy based on evidenced-based treatment outcomes. It uses CBT-IA, my empirical therapy model that has been tested in research studies that shows patients are able to apply the model to their daily use of technology to find balanced and moderate ways of using it. Studies show that even after post-therapy checkups, patients are able to maintain sobriety and abstinence from problem online Apps and sites up six months after treatment.

Based on 20 years of research in the field, the Internet Addiction Toolkit shows you:

  • How to diagnose Internet addiction with specialized assessment tools.
  • How Internet addiction relates to co-occurring conditions and mood disorders.
  • The relationship between chemical dependency and problematic Internet use.
  • How to promote healthy strategies to increase social activities for clients.
  • How to develop a comprehensive psychosocial treatment plan.
  • How to deal online sex addiction in marriage counseling and family therapy.
  • How to help clients avoid relapse.
  • How to evaluate success to either maintain or change treatment goals.

The Internet Addiction Toolkit is made up three modules that you can immediately download in streaming videos. Modules 1 through 3 plus the Introduction provides a glossary of terms, a biography, research articles on treatment outcomes, plus a viewer guide while going through the videos with a synopsis of chapter, discussion questions, and sometimes quizzes to reinforce your learning.

If you order today, you will receive a FREE video and workbook for Treating Smartphone Addiction. Smartphone Addiction is a relatively new problem we all suffer from regarding our constant checking of digital devices. Adults as well as children suffer from this problem, so this BONUS training package offers you ways that you can streamline your own online and digital behavior as well as for your clients and patients. It comes complete with assessment tools, tests, and worksheets.

Finally, the package is normally offered for all four videos plus the workshop at $800.00 USD but if you order today, it is being sold for a 40% discount at $495.00 USD, again, it can be instantly downloaded.

The training package is also used by several hospitals and clinics for clients with Internet addiction problems or their family members, so this is an effective self-help guide if you have a problem with Internet addiction and wish to apply these practical solutions and techniques to your own situation.