Parent Coaching

You can receivee one-to-one personalized counseling with Dr. Young about your child. Parent coaching is designed to guide parents on how to manage their child’s use of videogames and technology. These can be set up over Skype usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Parents learn how to help your child set up technology boundaries using Dr. Young’s Screen Smart Guidelines and how to talk with your children about smartphone and technology use. Parents learn how to stop the warning signs of Internet addiction in your child and how to identify the risk factors. Parents learn the impact of technology on your family and how to set up tech-free family time to improve your communication and connections with each other.

PARENTS CLICK HERE for more information. For immediate help, instantly download Dr. Young’s e-book: Net Negotiations: What every parent should know about controlling a child’s use of technology.

Net Negotiations is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to curb and control your child’s online habits. Studies already show that too much technology use is bad for children causing social, physical, and behavior problems. Based on hundreds of case studies, this e-book contains dozens of strategies to start helping your child balance his or her use of technology.