Workshops and CEUs

Workshops for Counselors and Continuing Education on Internet Addiction 

Dr. Kimberly Young is a nationally-known author, speaker, and pioneer in the field of Internet addiction. Given the newness of the disorder, therapists often feel unprepared to properly treat the problem, and in our technology-driven culture, symptoms of Internet addiction are easily masked. Dr. Young provides toolkits and workshops to train mental health practitioners in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of Internet addiction.

Toolkits and Workshops teach therapists:

  • How to diagnose Internet addiction with specialized assessment tools.
  • How Internet addiction relates to co-occurring conditions and mood disorders.
  • The relationship between chemical dependency and problematic Internet use.
  • How to promote healthy strategies to increase social activities for clients.
  • How to develop a comprehensive psychosocial treatment plan.
  • How to deal Internet sex addiction in marriage counseling and family therapy.
  • How to help clients avoid relapse.


Dr. Young has spoken nationally and internationally at a variety of conferences and clinics including behing the keynote speaker at the 1st International Congress on Internet Addiction Disorders held in Milan, Italy,  The National Academy of Sciences conference on Digital Media and ChildrenThe Cape Cod Institute, International Conference on Digital Culture in Seoul, Korea, The Istanbul World Conference on Psychological Counseling and Guidance,  the University at Duisberg-Essen (Germany) Internet Addiction Symposium, Rivendell (Sydney, Australia) Professional Development and Symposium, European Union on Health and Medicine, The Employee Assistance Professional Association, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia - Keynote Address on Media Addictions Conference,  and various schools of Social Work and Psychiatry. Audiences include addiction counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, the clergy, family therapists, college counselors, teachers, and librarians.

Dr. Kimberly Young speaking at Media Addiction conference in Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Kimberly Young speaking at Media Addiction conference in Sydney, Australia.


Are arranged with Dr. Young, please contact her directly for rates and availability.