Employee Training

Employee Internet misuse and abuse costs billions in lost productivity among companies. Especially with the influx of mobile devices, employers struggle with ways to how to stop employees from shopping, texting, using Facebook and Twitter, gambling, or viewing online pornography. This behavior not only hurts job productivity but increases threats to information security, drains valuable network resources, and increases legal liability. Restore Recovery is an empirically-based employee training program that specializes in sensitivity training for workers to enhance responsible computing at work.


Training works directly with senior managers to develop effective strategies in stopping employee Internet abuse that customized goals to best meet the needs of each organization and generally covers:

  • developing effective employee Internet use policies
  • ways to communicate policies and educate employees
  • developing computer security policies and monitoring systems
  • strategies to enforce Internet use policies
  • ways to reduce legal liability and improve employee job performance


Training increases a technology enhanced workplace. Employees increase their awareness of the potential for technology abuse in the workplace. Similar to sensitivity programs for substance abuse, Cyber-Wellness programs are customized for each audience, applicable to non-profits and for-profits, large and small firms, and cover ways that employees can:

  • learn how to identify signs of employee misuse and abuse
  • learn where to go for help and support
  • learn how to use the Internet more responsibly during work hours
  • learn how to better manage their time online

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