Quizzes for Internet Addiction (the IAT)

The following are a list of quizzes designed to measure various aspects of Internet addiction, including quizzes for online sex addiction, Internet gambling addiction, video game addiction, and the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), the first psychometrically sound measure for Internet addiction. All of the quizzes and tests were developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, a licensed psychologist, author, researcher, and founder of the Center for Internet Addiction.

Internet Addiction Test (IAT) - The first validated measure to determine if they may be addicted to the Internet.

Video Game and Gaming Test - A quiz for those who might suffer from video game addiction and gaming addictions.

Online Sex Addiction Test - A quiz to determine problems with sexting and online sex addiction.

Internet Gambling Addiction Test - A quiz for those might suffer from Internet gambling addiction.

Auction Addiction Test - A quiz for those who may suffer from an addiction to eBay and online auction houses.

Partner’s Addiction Test - A test for spouses or partners to measure the potential for Internet addiction in a loved one.

Parent-Child Addiction Test - A test for parents to see if a son or daughter may be dealing with an addiction to the Internet.

The Internet Addiction Test — The IAT

The IAT is the first and only psychometric test for Internet addiction. It provides objective data for clinical assessments and has been widely cited in the research and translated in several languages.  Among similar tests, the IAT provides:

  1. Standardization – The IAT is based on results from a sample population that’s truly representative of the people who’ll be taking the test. It is also a standardized test administered the same way every time to help reduce any test bias. By using a standardized test, you can compare the results with anyone whose characteristics are similar to those of the sample group.
  2. Reliability – The IAT produces consistent results and is not be significantly influenced by outside factors. For instance, the test results are consistent over time and independent of mood.
  3. Validity – This is perhaps the most important quality of the IAT. Studies support that the IAT is a valid test. A valid test has to measure what it’s intended to measure. If a test is supposed to measure a person’s interests, then it must clearly demonstrate that it does actually measure interests, and not something else that’s just related to interests.

There is a $110 license fee to use the IAT in any research project. The IAT comes with a complete administration and scoring guide. The free version is online at Netaddiction.com and this will automatically score the test.