Dr. Kimberly Young is a qualified expert and has provided consultation for probation/parole departments, law enforcement officers, attorneys, corporations, and others whose job it is to manage clients within the justice system. To assist professionals, she provides assessment and forensic consultation in the following ways:

  • Conducting forensic evaluations for clients suspected of being addicted to the Internet using The IAT, the first validated test for Internet addiction.
  • Providing written affidavits to support the validity of Internet addiction and explain the nature of online fantasy behavior.
  • Assessing the role of electronic anonymity in the development of deviant, deceptive, and illegal sexual online activities.

The Assessment Process

In forensic evaluations, the client can be court ordered or referred by their attorney to assist in their legal case. Clients are referred for a forensic evaluation when their attorney believes it may be beneficial to their legal case or when the judge orders someone to participate in such an evaluation. Dr. Young uses psychological reports, computer forensics, online dialogue, situational issues, and client interviews as part of her assessment process.