Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling may help you if your partner is unfaithful online. Internet infidelity may take on a variety of forms from a spouse writing to an old lover through Facebook, a partner using dating sites, Ashley Madison, or a number of sites to have web cam sex and look at online pornography.

The Hurt

Partners first rationalize the Internet-obsessed user’s behavior as “a phase” in hopes that the attraction will soon dissipate. However, when addictive behavior continues, arguments about the increased volume of energy spent on mobile devices or using the computer escalate. The cheating partner may justify the behavior until he or she is caught. This creates hurt and distrust in the relationship and it may even end it.

Marriage Counseling

Dr. Young provides marriage counseling for couples in the aftermath of an Internet infidelity. You can also download Dr. Young’s Infidelity Online Workbook for immediate help with your situation. This e-book outlines key strategies for the partner suffering after an affair. It is also intended for the cheating partner to learn how to make amends and ways that a couple can improve trust and intimacy in their marriage.


Dr. Young did save our marriage. I know people say that a lot about therapists but this is true. She met with my husband first, who was completely addicted to online porn. He stayed up late at night to look at. When I found it, it hurt me so much that I did not think our marriage of 18 years would survive. Dr. Young focused on the issues that brought us to therapy in a compassionate and knowledgeable way. We had gone to a therapist before but we didn’t feel that connection we needed, this time we did.

Andrea, 45, wife and mother of two

When I learned my wife was dating some guy through Second Life, I had no idea how hurt I would feel. She was having a full blown affair with his avatar. I didn’t understand what that meant until I discovered the chat logs. I know that I should have seen the signs, she always wanted to be on the computer talking to him. We separated but Dr. Young helped us to see how much love we still had in our marriage. 

Jason, 48, father of three