The following articles provide research on Internet addiction. Many are peer-reviewed research articles that have been published in international and national academic journals and trade publications.

Treatment Articles

Treatment Outcomes using CBT-IA for Internet Addiction

CBT-IA: The First Treatment Model for Internet Addiction

Understanding Online Gaming Addiction and Treatment Issues for Adolescents

Internet Addiction among Children: Prevention and Parenting Strategies

Drug Treatment for Internet Addiction

Treatment for Internet Addiction

Addiction to MMORPGs: Symptoms and Treatment

Is Internet Addiction as Damaging as Drugs, Alcohol, and Gambling? — RADIO BROADCAST

Are you addict your screen devices? – VIDEO FROM ABC NEWS

Issues for DSM-5: Video Game Addiction Disorder

Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Disorder

The Relationship between Internet Addiction and Depression

Internet Addiction: A New Clinical Phenomenon and Its Consequences

Cyber-Disorders: The Mental Health Concern for the New Millennium

Cybersex and Infidelity Online: Implications for Evaluation and Treatment

Internet Addiction: Symptoms, Evaluation, and Treatment

Legal Articles

Profiling Online Sex Offenders, Cyber-Predators, And Pedophiles

Interventions for pathological and deviant behavior within an online community

Virtual Sex Offenders: Profiling Cybersex Addiction and True Online Pedophilia

Ethical Decision Making among Addicted and Non-Addicted Internet Users

Internet Infidelity

Is Sexting Cheating?

Signs of Online Affairs

Internet Infidelity Statistics

Business Articles

Computer Ethics: Gender Effects and Employee Internet Misuse

Employee Internet Abuse: Risk Management Strategies and Their Effectiveness

Employee Internet Management: Current Business Practices and Outcomes

Internet Abuse in the Workplace: New Trends in Risk Management

Internet Risk Management: Building a Framework for Research

General Interest

Surfing Not Studying – Dealing with Student Internet Addiction on Campus

Addictive use of the Internet: A Case that Breaks the Stereotype

Internet Addiction: Personality Traits Associated with Its Development.

Researchers find sad, lonely people on the Internet

Women’s Growing Addiction to the Internet