Internet Infidelity Articles

Internet infidelity is a large problem, larger than we estimate. It is too easy to meet others online. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have created new opportunities to meet people, engage others, and potentially enter into an online affair that turns into something physical and real. For almost 20 years, I have studied Internet addiction. I have repeatedly found that I have heard stories of wives reconnecting with former boyfriends through Facebook, married men meeting women in online dating sites, or on Ashley Madison, or on a number of sites enabling people to have affairs. To help couples, I have provided resources to deal with Internet Infidelity.

Instant e-Booklets

Breaking the Denial - this is an effective guide for helping a loved one learn the signs of an affair/online addiction.

Getting Web Sober - This invaluable guide shows you how to help one break his or her addiction to cybersex.

Infidelity Online Workbook - This exclusive informational step-by-step guide and interactive workbook is specially designed to help you and your partner rebuild your relationship after an affair.

Marriage Counseling

Counseling - My recovery services provide affordable, confidential, and high quality counseling to cope with cyber-related disorders for yourself or a loved one. Couples focus on where they are in their relationship and sessions are designed to help them rebuild trust and intimacy after an affair. Sessions can be done in person or via Skype.


Signs of Online Affairs - the seven signs that your partner may be engaged in Internet infidelity.

Is Sexting Cheating? - An article for couples to help them understand the dynamics of Internet infidelity.

The Partner’s Internet Addiction Test

Partner’s Internet Addiction Test - A test to see if you are dealing with Internet infidelity and addiction.